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Samsung AddWash WW90K5410UW



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Κωδικός προϊόντος: WW90K5410UW Κατηγορία:
Washing Machine AddWash Technology, Front Loading: Yes
Model SAMSUNG WW90K5410UW INVERTER A +++ (A-40%)
Bucket capacity: (Kg): 9 kg
Spin Speed: (Rpm): 1400rpm.
Huge energy savings: Yes
Energy Efficiency Category: A +++ (A-40%)
For 40% to 70% lower consumption than conventional class A.
Saving Water Consumption & Time Consumption: Yes
Digital Inverter Motor: Yes
Powerful Digital Inverter Motor: Yes
Innovative design, for Inverter motor Without brushes: Yes
Uses magnets to rotate the bucket: Yes
Ensures low noise levels, even & when spinning: Yes
Electronic action adjustment, for optimal performance at any rotation speed: Yes
Lower energy consumption
& Huge operating reliability: Yes
With 10 Years Warranty on Inverter motor: Yes
AddWash technology: Yes
To add forgotten clothes or detergent & fabric softener at any time during the wash cycle: Yes
At the same time, clothes that have been washed by hand to be spinned can be added at the start of the Rinsing process: Yes
Just press the "Pause" button to open the extra door immediately: Yes
Its size also allows & adding a Sweatshirt or Jeans: Yes
State-of-the-art Eco Bubble technology: Yes
Before the normal wash cycle starts, it creates bubbles from the dissolution of the air in the bucket together with the detergent: Yes
This maximizes efficiency while creating foam that penetrates easily into the fibers of clothes and up to 40 times faster than others in a traditional system: Yes
Now wash your clothes just as effectively with Cold Water, keeping intact the colors & natural beauty & of the most sensitive clothes, while saving energy: Yes
Bubble Soak: Yes
The clothes soak in the power of the foam, so the detergent penetrates faster into the fibers of the clothes: Yes
Thus, it manages to dissolve twelve (12) of the most common types of stains such as wine, tomato or lipstick: Yes
The Bubble-soak system can be activated in the programs: Cotton, Synthetic, Jeans & Baby: Yes
This function adds an extra step (up to 30 'minutes) to the wash cycle: Yes
Volt Control, for protection against sudden voltage fluctuations: Yes
Smart Check, for complete control of possible damage, easily and quickly through your Smart-phone mobile phone: Yes
Option display and LED Display: Yes
Diamond Drum: uniquely cleverly designed bucket with cells & protection drum, so that your clothes do not suffer: Yes
Easy cleaning of protection filter, edge at the base of the device: Yes
Annual Energy Consumption: (kwh / annum): 130kWh / year
Annual Water Consumption: (lt / annum): 9400 liters / year
Washing operation noise level: 53 dB (A)
Spin operation noise level: 74 dB (A)
Net Device Weight: (Kg): 61 kg
Device color: White / Door Crystal Gloss Black
Device dimensions: (HxWxD): (cm): 85 x 60 x 55 cm.
Country of Production: Poland (Made in POLAND)

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