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Samsung DV80M52103W/LV 



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Κωδικός προϊόντος: DV80M52103W/LV Κατηγορία:
Samsung DV80M52103W / LV Clothes Dryer
Energy Class A +++

Heat pump technology offers an efficient, economical and gentle way to dry clothes. With Energy Class A +++ rating, it consumes much less energy.
Drying with less energy

The OptimalDry system is a smart drying system with humidity, temperature and heat exchanger cleaning sensors. It constantly regulates the drying time for a better result, while at the same time it protects the clothes from wear and uses less energy.

Enhanced filtering

The advanced 2-in-1 Filter has a two-layer mesh filter, so you do not need a cleaning filter in the heat exchanger, maintaining a high drying efficiency. Two warning systems remind you that the Filter and the Heat Exchanger need cleaning.
Water level control

The Water Tank Indication is a simple instrument on the front that shows how much concentrated water has been extracted from your clothes. This way, you can quickly see if the water tank needs to be emptied before starting another load.
Drying within 35 minutes

The Quick Dry 35 'cycle dries a small load of clothes, ready to be worn, in just 35 minutes. It can safely dry some pieces, so there is much less waiting.
Easy troubleshooting

The Smart Check automatic error tracking system detects problems and diagnoses them while providing easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone application. This saves you time and protects you from potentially expensive repair bills.
Drying capacity:

Drying capacity (kg): 8 kg

Device color: White
Door: Crystal Gloss
Display: LED

Dryer type: Heat pump
Washing program time (minutes): 169 min
Energy efficiency class: A +++
Energy consumption (annual): 176
Condensing efficiency class: B
Noise level (drying): 65 dB
Coolant (Type): R134a (Fluorinated greenhouse gases, GWP = 1,430)
Coolant (Filling, kg): 0.37
Refrigerant (Filling, t CO2e, hermetically sealed): 0,5291

Bucket interior lighting
Troubleshooting (Smart Check)
Reversible door
Child lock
Expiration delay
Bucket typeDiamond Drum
Drying option: 3 levels
Drying time selection
Mixed load alert
Sign of progress
Water tank level indicator
Wrinkle prevention
OptimalDry system
Cold air
Drying for ironing
Drying time
Hot air
Additional program Shirts, Cotton, Mixed load, Synthetics
Option list Expiration end option, On / Off sound, Easy ironing, Degree of drying, Time selection, Separation notification, Bucket lighting
Bed linen
Quick Dry 35 '
Mixed Load
Waterproof clothes

Net dimensions (LxWxH): 600x850x640 mm
Bucket material: Stainless steel

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Βάρος 60 kg


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