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Bosch WTR87TW8GR



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Κωδικός προϊόντος: WTR87TW8GR Κατηγορία:
Product description BOSCH WTR87TW8GR
Drying friendly to the fabric of the clothes, with the Sensitive Drying System.
With the Sensitive Drying System, the clothes are dried with gentle, lukewarm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by gentle corrugated stirrers, without sticking to the walls of the drum.

Humidity detection sensor
There are 3 drying programs, partial drying for ironing, drying for dressing and complete drying for storage
Fast 40 '
Quick drying in 40 minutes, suitable for small quantities of synthetic fibers and fine fabrics, high-precision system for temperature control, and immediate monitoring of the degree of humidity in the clothes, you can wear your clothes immediately after the end of the program.
The best drying program for your sports.
Special program for gentle and precise drying of sports, waterproof clothes with multi-layered fabrics, but also from microfiber or synthetics. With this program, these types of fabrics are dried with special care and efficiency at low temperatures. Small repetitive drying cycles are performed at the end to achieve perfect drying in the inner layers of the fabrics.
Automatically detects when your clothes are completely dry.
Bosch AutoDry dryers and washers dry very gently and to the degree of drying you want, for direct storage ironing, or completely dry. The sensors measure temperature and humidity, thus protecting your clothes from excessively high temperatures, excessive drying and shrinkage.

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