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Beko WTV 9716 DXST



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Κωδικός προϊόντος: WTV9716DXST Κατηγορία:

The new line of Beko home appliances equipped with HomeWhiz® technology helps you to monitor and manage all home appliances using your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The HomeWhiz® app connects Beko devices so you can enjoy comfort and more free time. This application allows you to stay connected to your home appliances.

With the help of SteamCure τεχνο technology you get rid of sensitive skin care and skin that needs more careful care.
Your clothes will be kept in excellent condition due to the efficiency of using steam, which rises from the bottom of the drum. Depending on the program selected, steam may be released at the beginning or end of the program. When released in the beginning, the steam softens the dirt and makes cleaning easier. When released at the end of the program, it helps you get rid of the extra skin care, the fabrics become softer, pleasant to the touch. SteamCure is ideal for baby clothes and for people with sensitive skin.
You can now download the programs you want, with the help of the download software, directly from the interface of your home devices equipped with HomeWhiz®. You can select the desired program from the set of 5 preset programs and you can easily change it as many times as you want. The 5 preset programs are: Mixing, Curtain, Underwear, Soft toys, Towel.

Motor ProSmart Inverter
The ProSmartInverter engine is your reliable partner when you need peace.
It is equipped with a set of remarkable advantages from the first use: 10 year warranty, the energy efficiency that you can see in your electricity bill, reduces the noise level through improved speed control, absence of vibrations and elimination of electromagnetic emissions. , so you can enjoy peace with your family. All these advantages are doubled due to the durability, from which wear-resistant elements such as carbon brushes have been removed.
Hygiene +
Thanks to the slow drum movements, the temperature control as well as the additional rinsing and compression functions you can have the best cleaning and hygiene results of your clothes. The Hygiene + program allows you to clean colored and cotton clothes at low temperatures up to 20 ° C, using 70% less energy than usual programs, while temperatures above 60 ° C remove 99% of allergens. Now you can be sure that your family will be protected.
Fast +
You can choose to load the car at half capacity and the Fast + function will reduce the washing time to 55%. Due to the optimization of the washing stages and the water consumption, the activity of the washing machine is increased, so that high performance is achieved in a short period of time.

OptiSense technology ensures the optimal water and energy consumption required for each wash through the 4 special sensors: 3 sensors are dedicated to the care of the clothes and the 4th sensor extends the life of the washing machine.
Now with the special Beko Add Garment function you can add any item you forgot in the first minutes of the selected wash cycle. If the water level does not reach the bottom of the door, you can select the pause button, add the forgotten clothes and press the wear button to continue the wash cycle.

SilentTech ™
SilentTech τεχνο technology, integrated into Beko dishwashers with the ProSmart ™ Inverter engine, offers much quieter operation compared to standard models. Thus, Beko dishwashers operate at 39dBA sound levels, levels similar to those found in a library.
The special design of the tank, Aquawave technology, creates the optimal washing conditions for the washing machine and ensures an efficient but gentle cleaning, without movements that could affect the fabric. The unique contour of the tank and the shape of the blades allow a liquid movement of the laundry during washing, mimicking the natural rhythm of the waves. This way, your favorite shirt will look like new in every wash.

Aquafusion technology specifically designed to reduce the amount of detergent lost in each wash will help you save money and detergents while improving your washing performance.
Durable heater
Beko washing machines are equipped with a nickel-plated resistor, which provides better protection against corrosion: with 40% less limescale deposition on the resistor. These performances eliminate the extra energy consumption and increase the lifespan up to 100 times.

Recommended program for use in the case of items with a high degree of pollution.

crease of the Guard
Ironing underwear and clothes will be fun with the help of anti-sifon function. The compression cycle of a washing machine is divided into several stages and the slow movements of the tank prevent the linen from being sanded.
Thus, this process prevents the formation of boxes and the ironing of the underwear will be done in a much shorter time.

Lock for children
The function can be activated to avoid modifying the previously selected program, especially when children are playing on the washing machine control panel.
The Child Lock function makes it impossible to access the washing machine buttons during the wash cycle.

Forget about dirt care and stain removal methods that will take a long time. The StainExpert program eliminates up to 24 types of spots with varying degrees of difficulty from high, medium or low. The program has several options that include different times or special movements of the boat during the wash (soaking, washing, rinsing, drying, etc.), thus ensuring a superior cleaning of the clothes and an appearance identical to the moment you bought them. .
Black care / jeans
If you are passionate about fashion, then you know that you should have at least one black outfit in your closet. The Darkcare program is specially designed for dark, synthetic or cotton garments. Prevents discoloration and maintains the intensity of the colors of the clothes, as we do.

Outdoor / Sports
Cycling, jogging, hiking ... Beko is the official supporter of outdoor movement and has designed a special program for sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities. Using a wash temperature of 40 ° C, the Sport program is recommended for low-grade synthetic or cotton sportswear.
Guaranteed flexibility. You can choose the optimal drying time between 10 and 160 minutes to have the perfect drying at low temperatures.

Intensive washing program, designed to prevent damage to cotton items.

Ecological cotton
Program for economical washing of durable cotton clothes, with low energy and water consumption.

Program designed for less durable clothes, such as those made of synthetic material, which do not require intensive washing.
Compression and evacuation
Adds an extra compression cycle and ensures complete drainage of water from the washing machine. The program helps you when you want your clothes to dry quickly.

Shirts - washing
Dedicated washing program, which keeps the shirts as we do after several washes. This special program for shirts uses less movements and is thinner, while the temperature is set to a maximum of 40 ° C, to prevent damage to the shirts and extend their life.
Automatic water consumption control system
The load on the washing machine may vary depending on the intensity or type of fabric. Due to the automatic water consumption control system, the water supply is adjusted electronically according to the quantity and type of washing machine, in order to achieve the best washing efficiency and energy consumption.

Electronic balance control system
The electronic balance control system ensures that the washing machines are properly distributed in the washing machines, so that the noise and vibrations generated by the washing machine centrifuge are minimized.
the load on the washing machine may vary depending on the intensity or type of fabric.

Displays the remaining wash time
It allows you to calculate the washing time correctly to avoid changing the daily schedule.

Monitoring of special programs
You always know which program you have chosen with the special screen function of the Beko washing machine.
Daily Xpress / Xpress Super Short
This program is intended for cotton items that are slightly soiled or worn only once. So, you will enjoy flawless clothes in just 28 minutes. In addition, if you select the Fast + auxiliary function, the duration of the program is reduced to 14 minutes, for a maximum weight of 2 kg of clothes.

A +++ (- 10%)
Beko offers superior performance in terms of both power consumption and device performance.
Hair removal for pets
Is the couch or bed your dog's favorite place? Now you can not worry about animal hair on your clothes or in your bed. The pet hair removal function effectively removes pet hair from clothes, adding additional prewash and rinse steps to the regular wash cycle.

Excessive water control system
With the help of the excessive water control system you are insured against floods, it automatically regulates the water supply required for a washing step.
Energy class: A +++ (- 10%)
Capacity: 9 kg
Maximum number of revolutions: 1400 rpm.
Number of programs: 15
Net weight (kg): 73
Dimensions (W x Hx, cm): 84x60x64
Annual consumption (kw): 195
Water consumption: 10559
Washing noise level (dB): 52
Centrifugal noise level (dB): 75
Centrifugal energy trend: B
Depth: 64 cm
Minute: No.
Window opening angle (degrees): 170
Product color: White
Window color: Black leather
Window ring color: Black leather
Display: digital

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